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Fairytail Dalmatians

About Us: Mission

Fairytail Dalmatians

Dalmatian Breed Enthusiast

We breed our dogs with health and temperament in mind. They are a part of our family first and foremost. Our current dogs have great minds and have a competitive streak in them. So whether you are looking for a pet or a dog to compete in the ring we can help you find the perfect companion.

We stay up to date with the most current and productive way to raise puppies, and we are always looking for ways to better the breed.

We raise our puppies on Puppy Culture. We follow the program to help prepare our puppies for the future. I also have friends and family members come over once puppies are older to socialize with different age groups. I utilize the following enrichment methods: Regular Grooming, nail trim, clippers, bath, blow dryer, brushing, etc., Early socialization, neural stimulation, Car Training , Crate Training, Human Interactions , Noise desensitization, Behavioral shaping , Clicker Training, Basic manners, also have lots of friends and family who come over to handle the puppies and help out with the puppies daily. I do not take them to public places to expose them to people as they are not fully vaccinated until 16 weeks. , Car Rides, Noise desensitized , Various Surfaces , Scents, Noises , Toys, e.g. Ball, Touch Desensitization, Early Neurological Stimulation, Household Desensitization, Grooming Desensitization, Sound Stimulation, Socialized with Adult Dogs, Socialized with Cats, Socialized with Children, Puppy Manners, Puppy Culture.

Follow us on Instagram @Fairytail_Dalmatians for adorable pictures of Puppies, Dalmatians, and friends of Dalmatians! 

We are a members of the Dalmatian Club of America, Dalmatian Club Of Greater Phoenix,  and AKC.

After being born the puppies will have a vet checkup. They will be current on their deworming and current vaccines at time of pickup. We encourage you to have a vet exam within 72 hours for our short-term health guarantee to be valid.

We offer a 2 year health guarantee. Please reference our contract to see long and short term health guarantee.

Additional benefits are often included with your puppy such as a small bag of food and a toy with their littermates' scent.

In addition, all puppy buyers have lifetime breeder support. 

When I first got started with the breed, I researched and found it hard to find a breeder who put health and temperament first. After researching, I found my first puppy across the country. She made me fall even more in love with the breed. Now, I travel back and forth from Arizona to Idaho a few times during the year with my girls. We enjoy showing and just exploring the outdoors together.

I wanted to help produce healthy well-rounded puppies. When I was looking for a pup all I found was two dogs just thrown together without any thought about why. I want to improve the breed and produce healthy puppies. That way we can disprove stereotypes and get a more positive image for the breed.

Our puppies are handled and worked daily to set them up for success later on in life. Puppies don't have assigned homes until after their BAER hearing test, and a final temperament and conformation evaluation. This helps us select a great pup for your lifestyle. We also will take back our puppies at any time in their life. We offer breeder support so you never have to go through it alone.

You're welcome to pick up your new puppy here in Sierra Vista, Arizona ; or we can meet you at the Phoenix or Tucson Arizona Airport. 

About Us: Our Farm

Fairytail Dalmatians

"A comrade isn't simply a word. Comrades are about heart. Its the unconditional trust in your partners. Please feel free to lean on me... And I, too, will lean on you as well."

- Mavis Vermillion

Fairytail Dalmations
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