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Super Puppy Training: Our Farm

Early Neurological Stimulation

Super Puppy Training + Bio Sensor Program

In the US canine military program, they developed a method called the Bio Sensor methed used to improve the performance of dogs. Through years of research the military realized that early neurological stimulation could have important and lasting effects on a puppy. Their studies confirmed that there are time periods that neurological stimulation has optimum results. The first period begins at a brief time from day 3 of life to day 16.  

They developed 6 exercises designed to stimulate the neurological system. Each workout involved handling the puppies once a day. They required handling the puppies one at a time and performing 5 exercises

1. Tactical Stimulation (between the toes)

2. Head Held Errect

3. Head pointed down

4. Supine Position

5. Thermal Stimulation

Five Benefits have been observed in canines from doing the Bio Sensor program including

1. Improved Cardio Vascular Performance (heart rate)

2. Stronger Heart Beats

3. Stonger Adrenal Glands

4. More Tolerance To Stress

5. Greater Resistance To Disease

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